Digital Mimeography

AÚN 44 Salon Nacional de Artistas, Pereira, Colombia (2016)

In the context of the 44th Colombian Art Triennial, dedicated in this occasion to the issues of landscapes and territories we searched for all along the area that goes from Cali to Pereira – a few hundred kilometers- in order to find the trace that mimeographs had left behind. To our surprise the technological shift had left the mimeographs only in the memory of the people that used them a few decades ago. We were only able to find one Gestetner 420 that had been stripped down to pieces.

This withdrawal of the tradition had parallelism with the political scenario in today’s Colombia and through a 3 day intensive workshop emerged and took the form of an urgent, improvised but sincere publication. During this time the dynamics of self teaching on how to operate a mimeo, self publish and collective creation con- fronted the participants with the issues of their surroundings.

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